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Whether you are a business owner, an executive, a stockbroker or a working parent, most individuals living the so-called “Western lifestyle” are now faced with less time, more job stress, more financial pressures and limited supportive infrastructure.

We live increasingly busy lives – at a price. Are you suffering from burnout? Do you worry about developing heart disease or a stroke? Have you tried to stop smoking or lose a few kilograms? Are you constantly stressed?

While risk management has become central to professional life, personal health and wellness are not yet part of our to-do lists until we are forced by crisis. Is it not time to mitigate your health risks through “DNA Based Lifestyle Programmes”?

Blueprint Health offers tailored wellness Re-treats based on your DNA at luxury Western Cape venues. A multi-disciplinary professional team uses high-tech DNA tests and health coaching to manage burnout, heart health and cancer risks – all in complete privacy.

Clients have called Re-treats “milestones”, “turning points” or “new beginnings”. Some implemented new healthy routines, others improved their diabetes and yet others changed jobs – each person’s next steps matched to his / her best hopes.

The Blueprint Health programmes focus on 6 health areas.

Our next Re-treat will run during late October – Book your place now!

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